Build and display Mermaid.js diagrams in Hugo


You can use plain text markup formats like mermaid.js to dynamically create graphical diagrams within your Markdown files, instead of using a separate diagram tool to create binary image files. For some background on why you might want to do this, check out this talk by Avi Flax:

Add the shortcode

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add support for building mermaid.js diagrams in Hugo.

First, add a new shortcode in layouts/shortcodes/mermaid.html. Note that the package version is not hardcoded in this code, so the CDN always fetches the latest version. Also note that you can pass parameters to mermaid.js in the shortcode. Here we pass the theme and alignment, or set a default if the parameters are not passed.

<script async type="application/javascript" src="">
  var config = {
    theme:'{{ if .Get "theme" }}{{ .Get "theme" }}{{ else }}dark{{ end }}',
    align:'{{ if .Get "align" }}{{ .Get "align" }}{{ else }}center{{ end }}'

<div class="mermaid">

Create a diagram

Next, add some mermaid.js markup to your post. Here’s a simple example.

{{< mermaid align="left" theme="neutral" >}}
    title French Words I Know
    "Merde" : 50
    "Oui" : 35
    "Alors" : 10
    "Non" : 5
{{< /mermaid >}}

After running your Hugo build process, that code renders in your page to:

pie title French Words I Know "Merde" : 50 "Oui" : 35 "Alors" : 10 "Non" : 5


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